Wednesday, July 22, 2009

MAGIC 2010

Do you remember the DARAP Grand Challenge? Well now the Australian DSTO is holding its own challenge, the Multi Autonomous Ground-robotic International Challenge (MAGIC 2010), with a total of $1.6 million US in prize money. The goal is to use a multi-robot team to perform "intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance mission in a dynamic urban environment."

The MAGIC requires entrants to complete the following tasks:
(i) Accurately and completely explore and map the challenge area;
(ii) correctly locate, classify and recognise all simulated threats; and
(iii) complete all phases within 3.5 hours.

The final event is scheduled to take place during the week of November 8, 2010, somewhere in South Australia.

I'm putting together a team from WA, if you are interested let me know.
The participants conference is in Adelaide next week. See you there!

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