Sunday, October 30, 2005

MOS - The Annual 2005

Went to the MOS Annual, metros, old berlin, rise. You really have to wonder what was happening at this one. Lisa lashes was put into the old berlin, and the event was quite popular, metros was even looking quite full at stages. Needless to say old berlin was crowded and it was almost impossible to get in. The venue exceeded its capcity limits and so no one more was let in. Police showed up too and fined the organizers for letting too many people in to the small venue. You do have to wonder what was going on there, nobody was a winner. They really should have had digweed and lisa in metros. I don't think anyone cares about the differing music styles. If your concerned about moving punters around, they should have put lisa in metros for two hours, and then play on a little later over in old berlin. Digweed would have chased the crowd out of metros anyway with his minimal set and then the punters who liked techno could have easily crossed over. At least that way the headliners get seen by everyone.

Anyway, all in all, I really just got to see Digweed, who I thought played an okay set, unfortunately he was doing a bit of a wavey set and not really commiting to a buildup. Started very minimal for the first hour, built up quite nicely, but then spent the next two hours making some bastard-child of techno-trance which didn't really go anywhere. He did pick up in the last half hour. Mark Dynamics played his usual boring set, but did make a bit of a show with his scratch up of the pendulum voodoo people remix. Unfortunately that left him with nothing to do with an encoure..

Ohwell, nice event in any case, I was happy with it, but I think the majority of the punters would have been disapointed..

Event lineup etc

New MP3 players

Well, here is a new concept for an mp3 player:

Musical breast implants

A breast implant with an inbuilt mp3 player. You have to wonder who came up with that idea. Definitely someone whos got cyborg-lust.

Of course, once you have an mp3 playing boob, you'll want some additional features. Here are some we came up with:

  • Upgrade to include video features, that way men will have a good excuse for staring. ("But honey, I'm watching the game!!!")
  • Some sort of kinetic charging mechanism. ("Charge your player for a nickel ma'am?")

Obviously there are going to be a number of very humours issues, and I'd certainly love to see a woman pointing a remote control at her boobs, I think it would all be quite amusing... Wonder if it will sell..

A real blog..

Okay, So I had plans for making this one of those informative blogs which people might actually read, but now I've decided I'd just start blogging random stuff just like all those other blogs out there that never get read. I'll probably make this more of a collection of links to stuff rather than anything else..