Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Graphics links post

Its been a while since I've done a link post, (almost five months) so time to catch up! From the demoscene and WebGL world we have: In games we have: In tools and research we have:
  • A link collection of all the SIGGRAPH course notes
  • PowerVR articles on everything from OpenRL (open ray tracing library) to PVR texture compression and parallax bumpmapping. A mini (PowerVR) version of ATI and nVidia's article and tools collection.
  • GNU Plotting covers tips and tricks for generating graphs and plots with GNU plot.
  • Autodesk's free photofly lets you create 3d models from photos.
  • Insight3D is an open source image based modeling (3D models from photos) software package.
  • openFrameworks is a cross-platform C++ toolkit for making realtime visual productions, interfacing to OpenGL, GLEW, FMOD, FreeType, Quicktime, etc.
  • FXGen is an open source procedural texture generator.
  • libnoise is an open source noise (e.g. perlin) generator.
  • Robert Schneider maintains a list of mesh generation software for all your triangulation and surface, grid, tetrahedron generation needs.
  • Cyril Crassin posted his thesis on GigaVoxels.
  • 3D voxel sculpting with 3d-coat.
  • Sculptris is 3D sculpting software, similar to Zbrush.
  • AN IMAging Library supports a number of file formats, and also simple image operations such as distance transforms.
  • Pedro Felzenszwalb has some image distance transform code
  • Sander van Rossen's open source Winforms library for node/graph based user interfaces.
And other interesting things: I'll leave you with the winning 64k intro from Revision:


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