Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Catchup post

The problem with blogging is that you need to find time to keep it moving even when you are very busy. Then, when you get the time you forget everything you wanted to post.

So just a quick catch-up post:

First of all, I've noticed a number of people trying to use CUDA for,.. silly things.
This includes attempting to accelerate databases with CUDA and accelerating downloading with CUDA. I'm somewhat reminded of the Intel marketing campaign that MMX speeds up communications. Someone somewhere needs to explain that your not limited by CPU computations when your downloading things...

Anyway, some more news&articles&programs:
  • the netflix prize probably has a winner.
  • Jeff Moser covers the process of a http connection.
  • I always find this program useful, I've posted on it before:Dependency walker
  • Parallels is a deeply integrated VM, which has some impressive demonstrations on their website, and I'm hoping will be very handy for my new mac.

    I've finished working on the 18m grapples, they invited the Engineers Australia - Women in Engineering to Transmin during the open day, which was great.

    Back to working on PAL, ModBench, the PS3 with Jeremy, and a explicit CUDA groundwater simulation with NTEC.
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