Thursday, November 18, 2010

Team MAGICian/WAMbot takes 4th place!

All of our teams hard work has paid off as we claimed 4th place in the MAGIC 2010 competition! Our system was actually very close to what the top two teams had implemented, and with a bit of luck we might have been able to snatch a prize. Maybe next time!

Above is a photo composition by Rob Reid of all the robots at the challenge stand, ordered from 1st to last (Left to Right). Team Michigan came in 1st, followed by University of Pennsylvania, and RASR took 3rd place. It's been a great opportunity to talk to all the other teams and see how they solved their problems and to see how many of the same headaches we all had. The LWC was a great place to meet and greet a number of industry people and also a nice crowd from DSTO who showed a lot of interest in what we have done. It was great to get so much positive feedback from everyone on our system.


Unknown said...

Great work! I've enjoyed following your progress via your blog (so thanks for posting about it).

Hopefully this will just lead to even better things next year. :)

Simon Wittber said...

Woohoo good job Adrian!

Unknown said...

Nicely done! I feel like a Terminator joke is necessary, but I will leave that for someone else.