Monday, November 22, 2010

Batch import OBJ with Blender

The OBJ importer in blender actually supports batch-import, to enable this you need to hold SHIFT when you select the importer from the File->Import->Wavefront (obj) menu. You will then be prompted to select a directory. Unfortunately, the importer will import each OBJ file into a separate (and incorrectly constructed) scene. To alter this you will need to edit the "" script and comment lines 1164 and 1165:
for f in files:
   #scn= stripExt(f) )
Saves you from having to write a batch import script yourself! A great utility to convert to OBJ files from various formats (with a batch-convert mode!) is polytrans.

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mremne said...

thnx men
import more than one OBJ file at once
and in the Same scene