Thursday, March 30, 2006


Trentemoller came to town - what a treat! Live performance with DJ TOM - awesome!

DJ TOM did some very very nice scratching - which was great to see, but you did get a bit of that 'show off' feeling. They started with a very minimal slow set, much like most of their other live sets, but then they really kicked it up a notch with royskpops remix and the afx remix. Unfortunately they played around a bit too much with rytekkid and it didnt quite have the zaz the original one had. The set then took a turn towards the more relaxed and they played some more stuff, as well as a bit of rock , blur, etc. Closed the set with physical fraction - a nice touch.

Lots of fun was had, they spliced in lots of little tunes from around the place, trentemoller was really having some fun with the sound machine.

Overall it was pretty much as expected with some nicer bits for royskpop & co, and a very pleasant suprise at the live performance. Shame about the thursday evening thing - it meant i got sick for the weekend :(

Appologies for mis spelt tracks.

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