Thursday, March 30, 2006


Hmm, this needs to be backdated a bit, but anyway. Went to see somovaw a couple of weekends ago (st pats day), for their CD launch - nothing less than awesome. Really top notch stuff for a local group, but then again, I guess pendulum were a local group till not so long ago.

A great act, a much better atmosphere this time than at IM, the performers were happy, and enjoying themselves, and engaged the crowd a lot better -- probably because most of them were their friends.

I got a free CD, so I'm stocked!

The singer is great, shes really very talented, and good looking to boot (a bit skinny thou), great outfit too.

The live drummer was fantastic at the IM gig, really pulled up the vibe there, and can really work with the audiance well. Technically decent drumming, although ocassionaly gets a bit too enthusiastic and forgets to stop :P

The main highlight for me this time round though was the man on the synths, he delved into some other styles and it was fantastic - some nice techy sounds at a few points, very enjoyable. I'm looking foward to what he can produce. Some of the drum loops need a little work, they dont fit the sound of some of somovaws other stuff, but its all good.

Anyway, night was great, set was awesome, two very enthusiastic thumbs up.

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Naomi said...

very sound comments mr adrian! thanks..
member- somovaw