Monday, June 13, 2011


Australia is hosting another demo party, this time in Sydney called Flashback 2011. It will be interesting to see what gets released.

For a more international focus there is the Mozilla Demoparty with WebGL, CSS, GIF animation, and Audio competitions. The 'event' started on the 10th of June, and submissions close on the 30th of July. Take a look at the original announcement of the Mozilla Demoparty incase you want to organize a local contributing event.

If your looking for a modern tracker to make your audio you can try the open source Schism Tracker (Impulse Tracker clone). (Daniel Gagan has a nice blog post on various methods for implementing HTML5 audio loops) For your WebGL needs, there are a number of libraries/engines to try:
Should be enough to get you started. Of related interest is a description of Brandan Jones' WebGL renderer for id's Rage levels.

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