Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Catchup Post: Graphics & GPU's & Physics

A long overdue catchup post for various interesting things I've spotted over the last two or three months. SIGGRAPH recently finished, so it really deserves a round-up, although I haven't had time to review all the interesting things.
The annual tutorial on
realtime collision had some interesting presentations, I quite liked the one from Erwin Coumans (Bullet) this year - it gives a good overview of the recent advances in the Bullet engine including the GPU optimizations. Simon Green also has a presentation on CUDA SPH rendering (also see Jihun Yu's particle fluid surface reconstruction) and another open source GPU SPH simulation from HPC lab.
The realtime graphics tutorial, stylized rendering, volumetrics, and programmable shaders has some great stuff that I'll look into in more detail in a future post. Ofcourse there is also always the SIGGRAPH 2010 papers list, and SIGGRAPH asia papers (again more on this later..).

Some GPGPU software/links:
and MPTL is a parallel version of the STL algorithms.

Some physics links:
Some graphics links:
And finally a documentary on the history of the Future Crew demo group and Second Reality. Brings back the memories.

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