Saturday, August 22, 2009

Rigid Body Simulation & Deformables

The most brilliant idea I've seen in a long time for fast general rigid body simulation,
Statistical Simulation of Rigid Bodies

We begin by collecting statistical data regarding changes in linear and angular momentum for collisions of a given object. From this data we extract a statistical “signature” for the object, giving a compact representation of the object’s response to collision events. During object simulation, both the collision detection and the collision response calculations are replaced by simpler calculations based on the statistical signature.

I've always thought something like this could be done, now we know how. Genius.

In related rigid body news:
Anisotropic Friction for Deformable Surfaces and Solids, for the next time you need a friction model.

A Point-based Method for Animating Elastoplastic Solids is a paper that presents another method to combine fluid and solid simulation using some of the same concepts from Mullers SPH paper. The code is built up from Adaptively Sampled Particle Fluids source. No code for this method though (yet). Haven't had an indepth look, but seems like a nicer approach than I previously discussed.

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