Thursday, August 20, 2009

Intel Buys RapidMind

Intel has just bought RapidMind. RapidMind provided a parallel language that could tarket CPUs (AMD & Intel), GPU's (nVidia & ATI/AMD), the Cell processor (Sony, Toshiba, IBM), and various DSPs.

Now that it becomes an Intel owned product I wonder if all that wonderful support for other devices will just disappear? If they primarily want it to target their own Larrabee, then probably yes, but if they want to use it to establish a software platform for the next Playstation, or as their OpenCL interface, then it might have a good chance of good support for the Cell and perhaps still a few GPUs. I don't see why Intel would want to provide support to their competitors DSPs, and if Larrabee is meant to be a serious competitor to Cell and GPUs then this might end up being a very disappointing purchase..

Goodbye rapid mind.

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