Saturday, February 14, 2009

New stuff

So I finially get my internet access back after loosing it for almost a week. Yay.

Did a quick look around to see whats new online, there is a "next-gen" open source COLLADA import/export plug in being developed for MAX and Maya . Sony is involved in the development again.

Whilst on the topic of Sony, apparently Intel is developing the next GPU for the PS4, so no doubt this will be larrabee based. Intel seems to be driving this hard, and since they have about 40% of the GPU market this could get interesting. Especially now that nVidia is picking up x86 engineers as well apparently. So perhaps the new GPU standard will be x86 based GPU's similar to Larabee. AMD/ATI, Intel already have the know-how and nVidia seem to be acquiring it. Why anyone wants to do this is still beyond me.. x86 is cluttered enough as it is...

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