Thursday, November 03, 2005


First of all, take a look at these guys.

Now ask yourself if you trust them with all your code...
There the .NET 2 development team...

Heres a scary opener:
Bugs opened, reviewed and fixed or closed : 11,831

Some more stats..
Test executables run in final test pass: 546,940
Test cases run in final test pass: 3,548,056
Devices used in final test pass: 94
Apps tested for app compat: 326
Performance scenarous tested: 230

Meanwhile read what joel has to say about microsoft live.

This isn't exactly the response I was talking about. How did I know that MS would learn all the wrong leasons from google. This is just like the whole network computer thing come back to haunt us. Someone at Microsoft needs to hammer it home to the executives. Microsoft just is not a "hot" "sexy" company. We don't care if they did "google" earth first, because google did it nicer. I hope one day Microsoft gives up on these ventures and goes back to being a buisness company.

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