Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mid year point

Well, its a bit over the mid year point, and the blog posts have been lower than usual. There are a number of things that I will do longer posts on, which have happened in the last six months:
  • The WAMbot Journal of Field Robotics article was accepted and published, which has been the subject of a number of previous posts on MAGIC2010. I've put together a few posts on the navigation system (A*, Elastic bands, DWA), but still nothing on the system architecture, hardware, exploration, AI, HMI, comms, SLAM, and overall experiences. So plenty of material left to go.
  • A paper on the Navigation system has been accepted for publication.
  • A paper on using Physics Abstraction Layer for evolving robot control programs has been accepted for publication.
  • I finally uploaded the code to ImprovCV and SubSim.
  • I gave a guest lecture on realtime raytracing with WebGL, and another on intelligent systems and automation in mining
  • I've been doing a little bit of HTML5 and three.js work, which hopefully will turn into a few posts
  • As per usual, I've been collecting a large list of interesting links from around the web, that will form a number of catchup posts.
Hopefully more from me soon...

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