Sunday, April 15, 2012

Farbraush Demo Tools

Farbrausch released the source code to all their demo tools, including kkrunchy, ktg and werkkzeug3. And following the move, Moppi Productions released the Demopaja source code. A good day for demoscene coders.

For more info on these tools take a look at the Demopaja documentation and werkkzeug3 documentation. (FYI, werkkzeug is a german/elite-speak word for "tool", or literally a work-thing). Dirk Jagdmann has a nice online presentation on the Farbraush/Elitegroup demotool approach, and Dierk 'Chaos' Ohlerich has a number of good presentations:
Over the years I've collected a number of great snippets of tips'n'tricks from various bits of FR code that have been opened (e.g. this gem by Dierk 'Chaos' Ohlerich on FPU intrinsics), now you can get it all in one big collection. As the FR release is just a big dump of all the material, here are a few relevant posts to help you decipher what is going on: I'll leave you with some of Farbrausch and Moopi's favourite productions to inspire you to decipher the code:

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