Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Collision Avoidance in Mining Conference

I gave a presentation on the Transmin Rocklogic rockbreaker collision avoidance system at the 3rd Collision Avoidance in Mining Conference held in Fremantle.

The speakers were:
  • Simon Ridge - Department of Mines and Petroleum: provided an overview of regulation and risk management in WA.
  • Stewart Bell - Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation: provided an overview of collision incidents in Queensland, and made an announcement indicating Queensland may make collision avoidance technology mandatory.
  • David Quayle - Industrea: discussed systems integration issues in mining, and contrasted it with aerospace and the automotive industry.
  • Patrick Glynn - CSIRO: provided an overview of the development of collision avoidance technology in mining, and discussed CSIRO's old LHD automation project.
  • Luke Schelosky - SafeMine: discussed SafeMine's proximity / collision detection products.
  • Marcus Punch: discussed functional safety standards (e.g. SIL), the standards that the industry is moving towards, and the "Proven-In-Use" clause for the latest 61508.2 standard.
  • Matthew Watson - Rio Tinto Iron Ore: discussed issues in rolling out technology and how it affects operators ('users'), managers, and maintenance personal.
  • Rhys Sherborne - APS: gave an overview of Automated Positioning System machine guidance products.
  • Harland Attwood - Javpac: introduced a new physical barrier product designed to separate heavy vehicle traffic.
  • Peter Woodford - LSM: discussed cameras and operator visibility.
  • Elliot Duff - CSIRO: gave an overview of projects at the Autonomous Systems Laboratory.
  • Nicky Guenther - SICK: presented a new range of SICK products for proximity detection and provided a comparison with RADAR products.
  • Adrian Boeing - Transmin: Rocklogic collision avoidance system, and installation case study.
  • Robin Burgess-Limerick - UQ: Operator cognitive load.
  • Natalie Tindale - MB solutions: Operator fatigue.
For me the highlight was CSIRO's Autonomous Systems Labs robotics and SLAM work, particularly on the North Parkes mine site. Since they don't have a YouTube video of their work on the ASL channel, here is something similar:

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