Sunday, February 20, 2011

Newton Physics Engine

In an unexpected move the Newton Physics Engine has been open sourced with the zlib licence. I haven't been following this engines developments closely since the 1.x versions. Julio has released the 3.0 version over svn as well.

Finally, a chance to figure out some of Newton's strange behaviour I noticed in the PAL physics engine benchmarks.


Julio Jerez said...

Perhaps there is nothing wrong with the Newton Engine,
I can think of a lot of thong that could go wrong, and none of them are relate to the Newton library.
-Maybe you did not know how to use it.
-Maybe your where not that interested in determine if your setting were no teh best for thso test, and you did not do anything to make it better because it suit your goal. I mean any decent professional that get a result so far off the mark would at least assume that something else must be wrong, seem no oen else get thsoe results. Did you try to contact the developer or any expert o fteh library?.
-Or perhaps you just had and Agenda of promoting a different technology and you just did a hit job.

whatever that reason was, I can asure you it is not not Newton engine it was on you.
I mean it had being amost 7 years, and you still at it.

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