Friday, June 04, 2010

BZR on Windows

There are a number of source code control options, popular ones include subversion (SVN) and GIT. CVS is on its way out. Python advocates prefer 'Bazaar' (BZR), which of course is a total pain to install on Windows.

The steps are vaguely:
  1. Install python (I used 2.6, pretty straight forward, run an exe)
  2. Install py-crypto - you need this for ssh/sftp (Again, just an exe install not too painful, just choose the right one)
  3. Install paramiko, this is the SSH client. Once again, just an exe for the ctypes support, and a python module. Again, choose the one that matches your python version.
  4. Now get bzr and install it.
  5. Finally, add the python scripts to your path (advanced environment variables), and your ready to use BZR from the command prompt - still no gui!

Compared to the simple install, setup and use procedure for SVN I can see why Bazaar isn't a popular choice. I've not tried GIT, but I'd suggest trying GIT over BZR for a distributed versioning system.


Jason Hutchens said...

Try Mercurial. It's easy to use ( and Tortoise Hg is pretty mature on Windows. Plus BitBucket offers free private hosting.

Adrian said...

Thanks for the suggestion, that was a good tutorial. I'll give it a shot

Admin said...

Why not just use the Bazaar installer? Installing things from the source code is never going to be easy. That's why people prepare packages. The Bazaar Windows installed includes everything you might need to start with Bazaar.

David Adam (zanchey) said...

I haven't looked in the last six months, but getting Git on Windows has previously been extremely irritating as well. Hg is my preferred choice when I need to do development on Windows: it's basically the same as bzr but apparently much more performant for big projects.

Adrian said...

Thanks for the advice David.

I forgot to mention the paramiko windows binarys are available here:

Adrian said...

paramiko also requires the ms vs 2003 redistributable package.
obviously it would be too easy if MS provided this. so you can get the files from dllfiles:

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