Friday, December 18, 2009

MAGIC 2010 - Briefing

I attended the MAGIC 2010 briefing for our team at the DSTO offices in Sydney. It was great to meet the rest of team MAGICian/WAMbot that I hadn't met yet, and some of the other Australian teams:
  • Strategic Engineering, a very large group of students from a number of different Sydney universities were there in full force. Seems like the team with the least experience, but with the most enthusiasm. A bit of a wildcard entry but they have the funding they need and certainly have plenty of man power and red t-shirts.
  • NUMINENCE, a team based from LaTrobe, with a strong commercial focus. The industry drive in this team could make it a more interesting entry compared to the other more academically focused groups, hopefully the lack of funding won't be a strong concern.
  • University of New South Wales, a strong academic contender, they have a small focused hard-wroking team. As an unfunded entry they might feel to be under dogs, but I'm confident that they will do well.

Our own team has grown in size (again), with our South Australian counterparts picking up some help from Lockheed Martin, and gaining some sponsorship from Dlink.

It was a very friendly group and it was great to see some of the same people again as from the Adelaide meeting. We drilled the organizers with questions for a couple of hours and kept the other teams waiting (sorry!), but now we have a clear(er) idea of what needs to be done and are looking forward to an exciting and challenging demonstration in June.

I wonder how the briefing in the US went, it would have been great to be there.

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