Monday, June 19, 2006


Some good books from the UWA library:
Influence; Science and Practice. Second Edition. Robert B. Cialdini
153.852 1988 INF
More Effective C++; 35 New Ways to Improve Your Programs and Designs. Scott Meyers.
FIZ 005.133 1996 MOR
Working Together: A practical guide to collaborative decision-making. Dr. Bob Montgomery
658.3152 1986 WOR
Introduction to Robotics; Arthur J. Critchlow.
FIZ 629.892 1985 INT

And finally for those who follow dennetts work, a collection of short essays/papers:
Dennett's Philosophy; A comprehensive Assement eddited by Don Ross, Andrew Brook and David Thompson
hssmn 191.9 DEN

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