Friday, May 26, 2006

DCOM & CoInitializeEx


How annoying is the new split of DirectX? Very. You want directshow?
Grab the latest DirectX SDK, install (so you can have ddraw.h -- how lame)
then grab the lateest Platform SDK (atm, 2003 server RC2)

inside the platform sdk is a media/directdraw/samples folder, where good old baseclasses sits, you need to create a project, cos there is none (how very very annoying) set the appropriate flags (above) set up your include directories, and build.... and wait...

The idea was that directshow users would not need to install directx anymore. Except ofcourse directshow depends on directdraw, and direct draw is part of directx... so now you need to install, not only directX, but also the full platform SDK..

can you say "lame"?

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