Monday, January 30, 2006

Programmers vs Computer guys

I'm A Programmer, Not A Computer Guy

They like to ask me lots of questions about their "Microsoft", as I've heard it called. I have an expert-shaking response prepared for any such inquiry: "I don't know."

"What does it mean when the computer says that------"

"I don't know."

With the simulated conversation to get the point across:

"Did you watch the Raiders game?"

"No, I don't follow football ------"

"What do you think of the new quarterback?"

"Really, football's not my thing. I don't know."

"I thought that you said that you're a sports fan?"

"No, I said that I watched tennis."

"Right, so what did you think of the penalty called in the Raiders game?"

"I watch tennis."

"Why would they call a penalty like that?"


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