Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Events : Pendulum , Judge Jules

Went to Pendulum, was really pretty good. The DJ beforehand was doing some kind of prodigy tribute - an dit was really, really bad. Although the guy might have been doing it on purpose to make Pendulum look good.. They started the set with the Voodoo people remix and it really just got more intense from there. Hornet was just showing off a little and mixing and mashing things together without leaving any real progression. It was pritty much all energy-energy-energy. Couldn't fault them technically though. I think I caught maybe 3 'wierd' sounding patches, but no 'mistakes'.
Thumbs up.

I also saw Judge Jules a wihle back. It was actually almost ridiculously inmpressive - he started his set with a bit of a big-famous-tunes-flashback session, and he was mixing without headphones or monitors as far as I could tell. One record, next record and crossfade. (Well, CD's actually, so he might have been cheating a little). In any case I was quite impressed. The whole thing was quite alright, but nothing to yak on about. I guess it was just nice to see him again after all these years.

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